Tooling & Mold

Tooling and manufacturing molds is a phase which tends to be the most work intensive, with troubleshooting ongoing through the manufacture process. And due to this reason the cost of manufacturing increases significantly. But shifting this process to China or India will save cost up to 200%, and having InnovME involved in the process will make sure the quality is what you expect.
We have an in-house team of experienced mold and tooling designers and we use some of the very best mold and tooling manufacturers in China.
InnovME have a full team dedicated to this process in- house. And due to long term relationship or partnership with some of the best factories in this area, we time and again give best prices then you will get yourself if you contact the manufacturers yourself.

Our InnovME team of Tooling and Mold Professionals helps in the planning of all conditions to produce the molds including CAD sketches and specification information. Then we will work with a select factory to make sure that all molds are made according to your stipulations. When the process is complete, the entire mold rights, specifications of the project, and sketches are property of your company.

Mold Tracing and Administration
When working with factories, tracking your molds can be vital to controlling your Intellectual Property. This is particularly the situation when working with a new factory with which business relations are not yet in place. InnovME offers classification, tracing, and administration facilities to guarantee that you are always in control of your molds.