1.1. We don't acknowledge orders for existing items underneath an aggregate estimation of 1,000 USD (One Thousand US Dollar)

1.2. InnovME under no circumstances sends any sample for free.

1.3. InnovME doesn’t produce or develop products for free.

1.4. InnovME doesn’t provide limited or short run fabric products.

1.5. InnovME doesn’t provide any ‘branded’ electronic products.

1.6..More often than not, and unless generally determined in contract, production orders won't be started with manufacturing plants until deposit funds have cleared into one of our business accounts.

1.7. As a rule, and unless generally determined in contract, production orders won't be delivered until balance payment has cleared into one of our business account (applications for deferred payment or LC payments are considered).

1.8. InnovME is not a quotation facility, only unpretentious queries will be considered.

1.9. We as a rule charge an ostensible fee for quotation, this is to a) recognize genuine enquiries and b) so we can put need to your enquiry. The quotation charges are generally refundable upon first large scale manufacturing request.


2.1. Terms and Conditions in this section should apply to all Contracts for the procurement of products/arrangement of Services by the client from InnovME with avoidance of any terms or conditions which InnovME may apply under any business offer or comparative report.

2.2. Delivery or conveyance, deposit payment for, arrangement of the Goods/Services by InnovME to the Client should be regarded decisive proof of the Customer's acknowledgment of these Conditions.

2.3. When Customer and InnovME achieve an understanding, this will be subject, notwithstanding the strict wording of the agreement, to the present terms and conditions, and to the accompanying conditions:

(i) Agreement should have the description of goods/product and the value of the good/product.

(ii) Decision of the organization about carrying the order.

(iii) Contact details of InnovME, customer and factory should be in the contract like telephone call, mail, email, fax and so on.

(iv) Inadequacy of the orders.

(v) Accessibility of the products, merchandises, manufacturers.


3.1. On the off chance that any arrangement of these General Terms and Conditions might move toward becoming or should be proclaimed by any Court with the journalist equipped purview to be invalid or unenforceable this should not at all weaken or influence whatever other arrangement of these General Terms and Conditions all of which should stay in full drive and impact to the degree allowed by Law.


4.1. Terms and Conditions in this section shall apply to all Contracts for the buy of products/arrangement of Services by the costumer from InnovME with prohibition of any terms or conditions which InnovME may apply under any business offer or comparable report.

4.2. If there is any changes in these Conditions (counting any exceptional terms and conditions concurred between the parties) should be of no impact unless concurred in writing between the parties.

4.3. In the event that taking after our Purchase Order Acknowledgment (POA) merchandise are inaccessible or if InnovME needs to shift the cost because of supplier cost increments or exchange rate variances then InnovME should inform you to enable the chance to call off your order if InnovME has not done as such itself.

4.4. The express prerequisite of not to implement any term of this Agreement, regardless of whether by you or by us, doesn't constitute a waiver of such term.

4.5. This does not at all influence either party's entitlement to therefore uphold such term.


5.1. The Price should be the InnovME's quoted cost or the cost concurred by the parties. The Price is not including of Value Added Tax (VAT), which might be expected at the rate prevailing on the date of the InnovME's invoice.

5.2. Unless generally concurred, payment of the cost and VAT (if included) should be expected inside 7 days from receipt of InnovME's Proforma Invoice or 7 days from when the Goods/Services are conveyed/delivered, whichever is the prior.

5.3. Above stated Clause 5.2 is just esteemed invalid if an alternate arrangement of payment terms has been concurred by InnovME and the Customer and marked upon in the Sales Contract.

5.4 Aside from reasons past the Customer's control, where the Client has not made payment to InnovME by the due date set out above in proviso 5.2., the Customer might, upon demand by InnovME, pay interest to InnovME on any sum outstanding at the statutory interest rate in Hong Kong S.A.R. from the due date of payment until installment is really made.

5.5. InnovME shall work with the Client to recognize, develop and convey the best esteem Goods/Services under these Terms and Conditions and any back understanding made by the parties, inside accessible assets.
5.6. We are exceptionally dedicated to finding the best prices for our Clients, until and unless it strife with the quality, the industrial or individual norms of our Customer, the security and any uncommon qualities the item should have or our Ethical Policy.
5.7..Occasionally, costs variances of materials, at least one sub-assembly plant or the whole item could rise or fall rapidly and forcefully. On the off chance that this circumstance emerges and you have already officially put in your order, we will reach you quickly to issue another Order Confirmation at the changed cost. If the cost is fundamentally higher than appropriate, you may cancel your order and will be refunded any sum effectively settled gave that production has not initiated, less immediate costs acquired.
5.8. Unless generally unmistakably expressed, quotations are substantial for 14 days from date of issue.

6.1. The particular circumstances of payment terms will be sorted case by case, going to the extraordinary needs of the Clients, the makers, the item itself and the market.
6.2. Reservation and responsibility of property that of InnovME until full payment has been gotten from the Client, paying little heed to the area of the Goods.
6.3. The obligations of the Client in paying the cost incorporate taking every one of the activities important to reach and finish the invoiced sum; so that, all and any conceivable expenses, bank commissions and delegate quotes or at all that suggests and accompanies making the payment are the duty of and should be borne by the Client.
6.4. Where reasonable and appropriate, and where the cost of the Goods as well as Services to be provided under the Contract is more prominent than USD 100,000 the Client should be required to give to InnovME adequate security (for instance a Contract Guarantee Bond) for due execution of the
6.5. InnovME claims all authority to perform credit checks on clients and may in specific cases ask for references to be given.

7.1. InnovME shall make available the Goods/Services entirely as per any Specification/Order issued by the Client. Where InnovME has given a written quotation/proposition which the Client has acknowledged in writing then the amount and depiction of the merchandise/nature and degree of the Services to be given should be as set out in any such quotation/proposition.
7.2. All portrayals, explanations or guarantees made or given by InnovME, its representatives, chiefs, temporary workers, and specialists to the Customer before the finish of the agreement (but to those made orally) with respect to the quality and fitness for motivation behind the Goods/Services might be regarded by the Client to be express states of the agreement, being the most recent one, and if there should arise an occurrence of inconsistency, the substantial one.
7.3 All Services and Products given under a further Contract must be furnished with sensible care and aptitude and to the sensible fulfillment of the Client.
7.4. InnovME should guarantee that all Goods provided under the Contract might be made, put away, tried and tested & packed as per all important Client Standards in nation of decision by the Customer and should every once in a while roll out improvements in the particular of the products which are required to agree to any material security or statutory prerequisites and guarantee that the Goods are of acceptable quality and fit for reason including any particular reasons informed to InnovME by the Customer for which the Goods are regularly provided.
7.5. It is the Client's duty to instruct InnovME of any safety tests, certification or endorsement, or other comparative thing required by the item available to be purchased in the nations/domains that the Customer arrangements to offer the items in.
7.6 On account of a change with respect to Safety, specialized prerequisites or so on must be made; InnovME will inform the progressions influencing the item/service and the effect of said changes. This may incorporate yet is not restricted to changes in price, item attributes, materials, conveyance time, et cetera.
7.7. Sorts of prerequisites of InnovME by the Client shall incorporate yet not really be confined to arrangement of Goods/Services that are effective, productive, convenient, dependable, responsive, reliable, and considerate. InnovME will offer periodical and consistent assessments and audits of performance benchmarks and recommended enhancements.
7.8 All Goods provided by InnovME under the Contract should be set apart as per the Client's guidelines and every legitimate necessity and might be tried & tested and ensured by the Client's need. Testing and certification may require extra expense excluded in the quoted cost.
7.9 InnovME holds the entitlement to any time amid the term of the consent to disengage the service or potentially access to data of an service if we consider the item being made/service being offered breaks any appropriate laws or the privileges of any outsider, is biased to the interests of InnovME, can be arraigned for, or is restricted under any International Law enforceable.

8.1. Because of the unique circumstances of our service, and so as to give the best service at all circumstances, InnovME is qualified to modify these Terms and Conditions whenever, notifying these progressions to the current contract Clients under past Terms and Conditions.
8.2. This correspondence does not mean at all the substitution of one person or group by another in respect of a debt or insurance claim, accompanied by the transfer of any associated rights and duties of the new Terms and Conditions with respect to the above for the individuals who have a legitimate and firm contract under past Terms and Conditions.
8.3. The inaccuracy or unenforceability of any arrangement of altered Terms and Conditions won't unfavorably influence the legitimacy or enforceability of any of the rest of the arrangements.

9.1. InnovME will be in charge of guaranteeing China custom issues are finished: custom papers; necessities; disallowances or maintenances et cetera for the items if managing FOB Incoterm or more prominent. The Customer is in charge of guarantee every one of these issues at place of release unless DDP Incoterm is offered, in which case InnovME will be in charge of successful importation as it were. For EXW Incoterm, the Client is exclusively in charge of all issues and necessities.
9.2. InnovME will bear no obligation for any sort of information sent and lost; deleted or spoiled absolutely or to some degree. We will bring the most extreme care with any sort of data the Client sends to us; however we exceptionally prescribe you to keep originals with you in the event that they are not completely fundamental for our dedication and we didn't particularly ask for them.
9.3. For the situation we may require any unique archive; we prescribe taking a photocopy first and utilizing just enrolled express dispatch administrations, e.g. UPS, FedEx, DHL, and TNT.
9.4. You are in charge of holding such materials for at all reasons you may require.
9.5. To the most extreme degree allowed by relevant law, in no occasion might InnovME be at risk for any harms at all (counting without restriction, harms for loss of business benefits, business intrusion, loss of business data, or whatever other monetary misfortune) emerging out of the produce of Goods as per the particular given by the Customer.
9.6. To the most extreme degree allowed by pertinent law, in no occasion should InnovME be subject for any harms at all (counting without confinement, harms for loss of business benefits, business intrusion, loss of business data, or some other monetary misfortune) emerging out of the make of Goods or arrangement of Services after acknowledgment of the Goods or Services by the client.

10.1. All information you provide for us will be put away securely as per prerequisites by the Laws of the People's Republic of China and India. Care of measures (advanced and physical) will likewise be given to keep away from the learning being seen by individuals to whom get to is not permitted.
10.2 Before initiation of dialogs, InnovME will send our standard Mutual NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for marking by both sides.
10.3. On the off chance that you have your own NDA that you might want us to sign, we would be upbeat to take a peek at it.
10.4. InnovME will dependably do their most extreme to keep Confidential Information secure and give out on a need to know premise as it were. Each one of those to whom the Confidential Information is given will all be required to sign a NDA.

11.1. Constrain Majeure implies any occasion or event which is external the sensible control of the Parties concerned and which is not inferable from any demonstration or inability to make safeguard move by any Party, including, yet not restricted to fire; surge; rough tempest; disease; blast; malignant harm; armed clash; demonstrations of fear mongering; atomic, organic or substance fighting; or some other catastrophe, characteristic or man-made.
11.2 Neither one of the party’s might at whatever time, anyplace, be at risk to the next Party for any deferral in performing or inability to play out, its commitments under the Contract (other than an payment) to the degree that such postponement or disappointment is an aftereffect of a compel Majeure.
11.3. Despite the previous, each Party should utilize every single sensible push to keep on performing its commitments under the Contract for the term of such Force Majeure. Be that as it may, if such Force Majeure keeps either Party from playing out its material commitments under the Contract for a period in overabundance of 90 days, either Party may end the Contract with prompt impact by notice in writing.
11.4. Any failure or postponement by InnovME in playing out its commitments under the Contract which comes about because of any failure or deferral by an operator, sub-InnovME or provider might be viewed as because of Force Majeure just if that specialist, sub-InnovME or provider is itself hindered by Force Majeure from agreeing to a commitment to InnovME.
11.5. In the event that either Party conscious of Force Majeure which offers ascend to, or is probably going to offer ascent to, any failure or deferral on its part as portrayed it might instantly inform the other by the most speedy technique then accessible and should illuminate the other of the period for which it is assessed that such failure or postponement might proceed.
11.6. Amid a force majeure episode, suspension of the contract until the end of the force majeure for a time of 90 days is permitted upon written understanding by both sides. After which, the parties may cancel the contract without no liabilities aside from any extraordinary installment due.

12.1. By submitting your order, you are making InnovME an offer to purchase/commission Goods as well as Services. This implies you have concurred with these terms and conditions.
12.2. InnovME holds the privilege, at our caution, to acknowledge or dismiss your offer.
12.3. In the event that we acknowledge your order, we will advise you of our contract by sending an Order Confirmation. The Order Confirmation will be sent by E-mail and will be viable from date sent.
12.4. On the off chance that we can't acknowledge your order for any reason, we will attempt to reach you by email, telephone or mail.
12.5. Despite the fact that we will try every one of the endeavors important to supply the Products recorded on your Order Confirmation, there might be times when we would be not able supply these Products due to, for instance, when such Products are did not fabricate anymore, their exchange is disallowed by International Conventions, the Products are not accessible or we can't give the significant segments.
12.6 In the cases recorded above in proviso 12.5., we will get in touch with you to advise you and may propose options for it. In the event that you don't acknowledge our proposals, we will scratch off the Order related with the items we can't give.
12.7. The return of payment because of the cancelation of an Order or some portion of will be made through Wire Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer to the Customers assigned bank. Payment to be returned will be aggregate sum of request, less immediate costs as of now brought about.
12.8. An Order Confirmation may come as a Proforma Invoice (PI), Path to Market Plan (PTMP), Path to Prototype Plan (PTPP), Quotation Process Plan (QPP), marked and returned Purchase Order (PO). Any of these archives constitute an Order Confirmation.

13.1 In addressing the requirements of the Client, we may need to subcontract part or the majority of the manufacture of the whole good or item.
13.2 In the event that subcontracting needs to occur, the Customer will be completely notified about the requirements and conditions that prompted this before manufacturing initiates.
13.3. InnovME will sign Contracts autonomously with every subcontractor utilized, these will be completely and legitimately authoritative under the laws and enactment of the People's Republic of China and India.

14.1. The Client authorizes that all licenses, authorizations and assents required in connection to the utilization and manufacture of the Goods/Services required be made/given by InnovME should have been gotten and might hold innocuous InnovME against any claim, costs, procedures, costs and requests from any outsiders charging encroachment of protected innovation rights.
14.2. For the situation that the Goods have been autonomously created by InnovME, InnovME warrants that all licenses, authorizations and assents required in connection to the utilization and manufacture of the Goods to be sold to the Client have been gotten and should hold safe the Customer against any claim, costs, procedures, costs and requests from any outsiders affirming encroachment of protected innovation rights.
14.3. For the most part, InnovME will accept and hold possession IP and InP created by it and the Client holds responsibility for IP and InP exchanged to InnovME for use in the arrangement/offer of Goods/Services.
14.4. Advance provisos identifying with IP and InP are expressed in the buy Contracts.
14.5. For the situation that InnovME goes about as a storehouse for IP and InP and requires utilization of a Subcontractor, a NDA will have been marked amongst InnovME and said Subcontractor.

15.1. For the situation the Customer has any sort of grumbling or absence of congruity over the merchandise and items we sent, a full and in depth report is required demonstrating unmistakably the absence of similarity.
15.2. InnovME will dependably give full thought to any dissension got yet obligation will be restricted to item esteem and cost of re-working the item to detail.
15.3. On the off chance that items are found to coordinate the particular sent by or settled upon, by the client then no returns will be acknowledged.
15.4. Warranties are diverse for all items and will be embarked to you in the Quote or the agreement.
15.5. Before transportation items back, the Customer must send InnovME a full and point by point report of the failures by email for starting survey
15.6. Products must be returned finished with all pieces as initially provided and non-defective pieces in immaculate state; they should be packed in like manner, in a perfect world in the original package provided, and report must be attached. InnovME maintain all authority to decline to acknowledge mistakenly packed merchandise. The return of the Goods will be at costs of the Customer.
15.7. After arrival of the Goods at InnovME, InnovME will inside 30 days send the client a Returns Review Document informing the Client of any issues found in connection to original description. On the off chance that the merchandise are observed to be as per the detail then they will be come back to the Customer at his/her cost. In the event that the products are observed to be defective in at any rate, and are inside guarantee period, we will settle or supplant and send back to the Customer at our own particular cost.
15.8. Any change to the hardware, merchandise, or items not approved by InnovME might constitute a waiver by you of the assurance.
15.9. Physical damage is not secured by any assurance subsequent to going of responsibility for Goods onto the client. This identifies with the Incoterm concurred and marked upon in the Contract or thought about the Order Confirmation and Invoice.

16.1. Every one of the items will be delivered under the norms of the INCOTERM concurred by the Parties and put forward in the Contract or potentially Quotation.
16.2. Insurance must be acquired for all shipments sent by InnovME.
16.3. Prior to the shipment, amid the delivering procedure, our QC Team or your InnovME Account Manager will guarantee you are retained up with the latest on the normal delivery date.
17.1. InnovME’s Terms and Conditions mentioned in this document are established under the laws of the Hong Kong S.A.R.
17.2. Any disagreement emerging from these Terms and Conditions will be determined by the Courts of the Hong Kong S.A.R.
17.3 No organization, individual, firm or association which is not party to the agreement should have any privilege to implement any of the terms inside.

18.1. For the situation a question emerges, you concur that the initial step is a meeting of representatives of InnovME and yourself to endeavor to discover an answer.
18.2. On the off chance that no arrangement can be found or settled upon then the issue will be taken to a suitable Court of Law.

19.1. On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning these Terms and Conditions, please get in touch with us for further elucidation. Your nearby InnovME office contact can be found on the Contact Us page of this site here, or you can email to

20.1. These Terms and Conditions will govern, for the most part, the further connections and business relations between the Client and InnovME.
20.2. In any case, supplementary contracts that can be come to will have the capacity to alter in at any way these present Terms and Conditions.
20.3. Delivery or Setting up of the Goods/Services by InnovME to the Client should be esteemed convincing proof of the Customers' acknowledgment of these Conditions.
20.4. Hence, every one of the Terms and Conditions are viewed as perused, comprehended and acknowledged while putting in the Purchase order.
20.5. They should take over from every single prior Term and Conditions and might be changed occasionally. You will be advised of any corrections by a message on the InnovME site.