Sourcing or Manufacturing from China – Why you need InnovME?

Which kind of products you may want to import from China is an essential question one may ask and also whether you can finally find a suitable factory, because you cannot find suppliers for every product. This is the main reason why foreign importers fail to find factories in China to suit their needs and requirements.

There are numerous facts, opinions, and misinformation about the issue of sourcing agencies in China.

This article helps to outline the business reasons why China makes an attractive manufacturing destination and why companies continue to source factories there and why you need  InnovME to facilitate sourcing and production for your products with the assurance of quality.

China’s supplier base is incredibly expensive. While the country imports a substantial portion of sub-components and materials from other countries, a great deal of assembly work for consumer products is done in factories in China. Sourcing apparel, textiles, consumer electronics, plastics, toys, car products, and lasers – China offers manufacturing networks supporting a very wide range of industries.

This allows the country to achieve economies of scale because larger clusters of factories are surrounded by clusters of supporting factories, which helps to push every factory’s costs down and make supply chains more efficient. If you want to source a manufacturing contract for a product, chances are you can find one in China. Whether it is the right contract manufacturer for your company is a question that needs to be answered.


This is why the question why you need InnovME comes to mind. Finding your own suppliers in China online comes with a lot of high risks that must be considered.

In recent years, more companies are continuing their sourcing of manufacturing and establishment of factory facilities in China with the primary purpose of being located within the vast commercial opportunity that China’s growing economy presents.

InnovME will inform you about the manufacturers which supply the products you need. It is one of the most important aspects of procuring from China. You can come across numerous suppliers in China. InnovME will do a proper research before asking you to buy from a particular supplier. The following points have been highlighted to be considered when considering why you need InnovME in China:

Eradication of communication barriers



InnovME has professionals trained in several languages that make it easier to communicate with our clients and understand client requirements in all languages, but mostly in English.

However when you opt to communicate in any language of your choice InnovME is willing to meet your demands.

On the other hand, finding your own factories and suppliers online may seem to be pretty advantageous but you are likely to face communication challenges since most of these factories find it difficult to communicate in any other language except their native one, so it will be very prudent to contract InnovME for all your inquiries.

Since your aim is to procure quality products from the Chinese market or the suppliers, most suppliers may not be able to do an assessment on the quality demands or on whether the style of the product is adapted to the western style, you, therefore, need InnovME to spare yourself from all these headaches.

InnovME has offices across China and we will send representatives to the suppliers. These representatives can check the quality of the products and inform you.

Competitive price advantage and avoiding payment risk



InnovME performs the task of informing you about the manufacturer and which suppliers and products meet your needs.China is known to be one of the most populated countries. There are a lot numerous suppliers in China. InnovME will do proper research and give you a competitive price before asking you to buy from a particular supplier.

InnovME will do a background check on the company before you place your first order. Examine trade taxes, local tariffs and international authorizations to import from China.  With trade regulations on the rise, InnovME offers you the needed information so you can be able to make a cost analysis. If the analysis shows that you have to pay a high amount of money as import tariffs, you may opt for other legal strategies to import.

Managing Risks



InnovME’s team in China can help in risk management. Close supplier relationships can help in identifying and resolving potential problems quickly. If you have financial problems towards your orders, alternative suppliers could be offered by InnovME to meet your demands and ease your fears and risks. InnovME will give out a list of suppliers in their selection process and also offer you a lot of information to be looked at and keep records off. To make the product sourcing process manageable, you need to store the important information such as Certification compliance, Product specification compliance, Pricing, Product sample costs, Production time, Quality Management System Procedures.

Document preparation

InnovME will help and guide you through all your documentations and Chinese businesses prefer to trade and write documents in the Chinese language, this would be solely the responsibility of InnovME and all the documentation would be sorted out by us which would also be translated into English to ease the import process.

Neither you nor the supplier will have any problem in understanding the deal and your requirements.

Maintaining the business relationship

Doing business in Asia requires believing and maintaining a good and sound relationship. A good relationship with the supplier can make the procurement from China an easier process than you can think of. We will take absolute responsibility and control, which helps you earn much in your business.




In short, our range of quality manufacturing services and skills ensure that InnovME will help you to safely navigate the murky world of China supply and succeed where many fail.

So what are you waiting for?  Stop your search for manufacturing companies in China now and contact us today to see how we can help you as a China manufacturing company.

If you are looking for speed, quality and transparency from a China manufacturing company, then look no further than InnovME.


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