Privacy Statement

InnovME is 100% dedicated to ensuring your security. We just gather enough data about you to prepare your enquiry to the best of our capacities. With the goal for you to make an enquiry with us, we have to know your name, organization, address, phone number and email points of interest. This enables us to verify your identity at whatever point you get in touch with us and the real way of your enquiry. And in addition enabling us to tailor our services towards you, it additionally enables us to record the exact subtle elements of every enquiry. We may likewise occasionally, utilize those subtle elements to advise you of any unique offers and additionally other organization news we accept would bear some significance with you. In the event that you would rather not get this last data, an office will be accessible to withdraw toward the finish of the correspondence. By no means do InnovME ever offer, exchange or lease your own data to others. After going into a business association with you or notwithstanding starting to take a shot at an enquiry with you, we are glad to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you. We have a straightforward standard legal advisor sealed InnovME NDA that we be-addressed individual customers, this is adjusted to be coordinated at you, sent for you to sign/stamp and scan and email back to us, we will then do likewise and send back to you. However on the other hand, on the off chance that you have your own NDA that you might want us to take a gander at please send it through and we will give it our full thought. The perspectives, suppositions and data found on any site connected from or to InnovME is not really concurred with or supported by InnovME. InnovME does not assume liability for any offense or choice taken subsequently of data from a connected site. Unless generally recognized in the content, the copyright in all material contained in this record (counting any pictures) is the property of INNOVME SOLUTIONS Pvt Limited. Unapproved duplicating, distribution or other generation, in entire or to a limited extent, is entirely restricted. This report and its substance are secret and expected exclusively for the utilization of the party for whom they have been readied. Unapproved divulgence in entire or to a limited extent to any outsider is entirely disallowed.