Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Supplier

Selecting a supplier that is competent and knowledgeable is often a very difficult task. There are many factories in China, but quality, capability, and experience are often hard to gauge from an outside perspective. This guide serves to help with selecting a supplier that will meet your needs.

First off, ask yourself if it is worth the hassle to spend hours of manpower to find a supplier when there are many reputable trading companies that can quash any potential problems while providing peace of mind to you and your company. InnovME is available if you have any questions regarding anything about sourcing.

Make sure the language barrier isn’t an issue. Communication can easily break down between parties that use different words to describe different ideas. Make sure you can effectively communicate with the manufacturer, or hire someone who can.

Strict quality control checks are necessary when dealing with any supplier, in order to make sure that your goods meet expectations, we recommend a pre-production quality inspection where the facility, staff, and machinery are all inspected. In addition, supplier verification is key to selecting a supplier with good intentions. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples either, they are a good way to gauge quality early on and give a standard from which point you can further tweak the design. At every stage of production, quality should be examined.

Do not be afraid to utilize personal networks and formulate your own trade networks. While it may be difficult at first to find factories that other people don’t have access to, engaging with people at trade fairs or visiting companies that already have built up networks is a surefire way to form relationships that will give you an advantage over the competition. A factory visit by either yourself or someone that you trust is a compulsory obligation. Talking to the boss to show him that you are serious and making sure your expectations are clear is vital. It is also important to know that the manufacturer is being honest with you.

Consider outside help when starting a business venture involving China.

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