Discover Why InnovME might be the Perfect Choice for your Next Manufacturing Project

Who are InnovME?

InnovME has over 2 years of experience with a combination of highly experienced and qualified professionals from the East and the West. We are thereby perfectly placed to guarantee success for companies looking to outsource to China regardless of their stature or reputation. We have offices across the globe including our HQ in Hong Kong and WFOE in China as well as offices in the UK and India.

What do we do?

We offer a range of China based services from manufacturing and vendor management, quality control and quality assurance, design and engineering and prototyping with our in-house machines. We pride ourselves in having a flexible approach and operate within 5 structures to ensure we are meeting your requirements. Despite any horror stories you may have heard about doing business in China, we look to eliminate issues through close supervision and regular guidance to ensure the suppliers we deal with providing the highest quality at the lowest costs.

Who do we work with?

We have experience of working with large scale multinational companies, SMEs and start-ups including the likes of Kickstarter. This reflects the reputation of our company and expertise in services that we provide, with the best coming to us. However, despite this, we have a passion and commitment for helping companies of any size grow their brand within China and aim to source their manufacturing as efficiently as possible with low costs. As we have a growing team of engineering professionals who serve their skills in a variety of technical fields we are confident that whatever your product we can work to your needs.

Why choosing China 2 West may be the right choice for your business?

Negotiating in China can be a real headache especially if you have little experience of the world’s largest country. The language, culture and business etiquette is arguably the most opposite of what you could think of in comparison to the West. We can guarantee that by using our services we will find the top of the range manufacturers for you and negotiate optimal deals suited to your requirements.  So why not utilize our expertise, experience, and reputation to cut time, costs and stress to take advantage of the low cost yet huge market that China operates?

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