Company Information

InnovME engineering & manufacturing solutions, a highly focused and specialist engineering & manufacturing solutions company, enjoys the advantage of being niche in the areas of engineering design, analysis, prototyping & manufacturing. InnovME engineering & manufacturing was founded with the idea of developing and delivering world class engineering designs & manufacturing solutions in an ever changing and competitive market.
InnovME provides engineering & manufacturing solutions, right from the concept design to product launch, including product validation (both virtual and physical testing), prototyping and production support. With its vast experience and sheer commitment, InnovME has been the offshore partner of choice for multiple Tier1/Tier2 companies across the globe. Since inception, InnovME has got many accolades to its credit from all the customers, and they have highlighted the advantage that InnovME as a partner provides in terms of innovation, cost and timeline. InnovME has become a benchmark among its peers in a very short time.
InnovME has its uniqness in
• Specialized Focus on Engineering
• Cost effective
• Quick turnaround time
• High delivered quality
• Continuous innovation
• Faster decision making
• Dedicated project team for better customer interactions
• Flexible business model

Message from the InnovME

"When you use InnovME, you will get the most noteworthy quality administration, support and counsel. You will reliably get information in a promising and honest form – we are straight talkers and we tackle issues. Our point in business is to fabricate long haul, trusting and 'win-win' connections. We talk the dialect and we comprehend the way of life. Nothing is 'lost in interpretation' when you work with InnovME. You converse with us in your own dialect and we converse with the processing plant in theirs."
Administrators’ Memorandum
In the event that this sounds diverse to what you have found out about working together in China, then that is on the grounds that it is. Close supervision and standard direction is quite often the answer for a fruitful venture in China & India. We hear the horridness stories consistently and are frequently brought into right debacles that ought to have never happened. Try not to misunderstand us, we cherish China & India and there are numerous incredible factories and fabulous individuals, yet their market has grown speedier than their instruction or their way of life can adapt to. We are here to bond that cavity."