Refund Policy

Credit Card Payment Refund Policy (CCPRP)

Price and payments. For payment of services constricted with INNOVME SOLUTIONS PVT LTD., the client comprehends and acknowledges holding up under the accompanying conditions at whatever point Credit Card installment is a legitimate and acknowledged method for payment recognized by INNOVME SOLUTIONS PVT LTD.

All Credit Card payments will bear an extra charge 5% over the aggregate sum given or expressed by INNOVME SOLUTIONS PVT LTD. in any receipt or business receipt issued to the client.

Refunds and cancellations. The client recognizes and acknowledges that contracting INNOVME SOLUTIONS PVT LTD. it's bouncing through a commitment of means with respect to the services to be performed by INNOVME SOLUTIONS PVT LTD, and due to the way of this services, the client is not qualified for request a solid outcome, aside from in the cases contained in the accompanying point.
Despite this, refunds may be acquired into thought the accompanying particular services: quotation, development, quality control exercises and sampling and prototypes.

As a circumstance an indispensable condition for the refund, these services ought to be performed in a way that the client gets an outcome completely veered off from the normal.

All deals are last on any services (barring items) once they are rendered, for example, counseling, design work, quality control visits, inspections, and so forth. No refund will be issued for services gave;

Refunds will be given at the tact of the Company Administration (Board of Directors). On the off chance that payment was gotten by means of credit card, the refund will be made to that same card, regardless of the possibility that not quite the same as the getting client's name or ID.
All refund demands must be made by the first temporary worker or client.

This CCPR Policy thus contained must be considered at all impacts included as a piece of the Terms and Conditions of Contraction.

Any further contract of specific concurrence with INNOVME SOLUTIONS PVT LTD., can change this CCPRP in the terms that can consider vital, with past correspondence to the client.

Duty to Read

I acknowledge that I have an obligation to peruse this discount approach and have done as such. I bear witness to this obligation and by obtaining the administration. Besides, I comprehend and acknowledge that I am ceased from utilizing absence of perusing as a safeguard against all focuses contained here.

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